2021-2022 Year Requests

Virtual Learners for Next School Year and Supplemental Year Requests

Today is our last day of school before we take a week off for spring break.  I hope our students and staff take some time to relax before we ramp up for our end of the year activities and testing.  There is some important information I need to share with all parents as we go into this break so we can work towards planning for the upcoming school year.

First, we will be offering a virtual option for our students in the 2021-2022 school year.  However, families must apply for the program.   Children in all grades will be able to apply for virtual school next year, but high school students wishing to take virtual classes will not be able to enroll in vocational classes requiring hands on learning.  Virtual high school students will have to select elective courses that can be completed in a virtual environment.   If you want your child to learn in an on-line format next year, please complete the Google form and we will mail you an application.

Also, the Kentucky legislature recently passed a bill known as Senate Bill 128.  This bill allows parents to request their child to repeat their current grade level.  The requests will be presented to the school board and the board will determine if we have the capacity to fulfill all the requests or if we will not be accepting students to be held back by parent request alone.  All requests must be submitted by May 1, 2021.  We have created a Google form that you can complete if you want to request your child stay back or you may come by the schools or central office after spring break to pick up a paper form.  This new piece of legislation does not affect us being able to work with families and retain a child, so if you are already working with your child’s school to have your child repeat their current grade level you do not need to complete this form. 

Finally I want to inform our families that the CDC and health departments no longer require us to take temperatures of students before entering our buildings or boarding our buses.  After spring break, we will not be taking temperatures.  However, please continue to monitor your children for symptoms of illness and keep them home if they are not feeling well.  Continue to notify us if your child, or anyone in your family, has COVID-19 and your child must quarantine. 

Enjoy your spring break and stay safe.  Continue to follow healthy guidance and come back from break refreshed and ready to end the year strong.

Sarah Wasson


Virtual School Application Request


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