Here are the videos for the Lee County Superintendent Egg Hunt.  Don’t forget to count the title slide.  To make a guess either text the student’s name, grade, and answer to 606-554-0320 or comment below the video on Facebook.  Students with Facebook accounts may comment or text.  If a parent comments for a student on Facebook, initials and grade only can be typed if you don’t want your child’s name on Facebook and we will connect the parent’s name with the student.  There is an extra chocolate bunny for the first high school student to find and name in text or on Facebook the teacher hidden in one of the pictures of the high school video.  Good luck! #TeamLeeCountyBobcats #TeamKentucky

Grades K-2 Video

Grades 3-5 Video

Grades 6-8 Video

Grades 9-12 Video