March 27, 2020

Dear Parents,

We have now made it through our first 10 NTI days.  We know that you are working hard with us to help us continue learning for your children, and we appreciate your efforts very much.  This coming week is spring break in our district.  We encourage everyone to stay healthy at home and not travel during this time to try to help accomplish the goal of stopping the spread of the virus.  During spring break, students will not be expected to do any NTI work.  We will leave the containers at Sava-A-Lot, both Dollar Stores, Jack’s IGA, and the Family Dollar out to put work in through this Sunday night, but they will all be picked up Monday.  Please try to get any packets from days 1-10 in the containers this weekend.  We will put them back out again on Monday, April 6, when we return from spring break.

When we return from spring break on April 6, we will have very limited staff in our buildings.  All our teachers will be working from home, but we will have their phones forwarded to their personal numbers.  We will post a list of phone extensions on our webpage on April 6.  We will have one administrator and one secretary in each building if you need assistance.  During the next two weeks we are trying our best to follow recommendations of staying healthy at home and then we will reevaluate how we will staff the building in the future weeks.

Lunch will not be transported to pick up spots next week, but extra food for the week was delivered today.  We really appreciate our food service staff and transportation staff as they have worked extremely hard to make this happen for our families.

I appreciate all that our community and families are doing during this time.  If you need anything from the schools while we are shut down, you can reach out to me directly by emailing me at or calling me at 606-464-5066 and I will try to assist you.


Sarah Wasson

Lee County Superintendent