The messaging system that we have been using has caused us some challenges this year, so we will be changing to a new system.  If we have your cell phone number on file in our student information system, you will receive a text message to your cell phone on Wednesday, March 4th asking you if you want to opt in to texts.  In order to receive messages by text with our new system, you must respond to this message with Y or YES.  If you do not opt in, you should not receive any further texts from our system.  You may also opt in to receive texts by texting "YES" to the number 67587.  Only parents, guardians, and staff can receive calls and texts and your number must be on file in Infinite Campus.  Opting in on a number that is not on file with us will NOT receive a text.

Our new system will allow you some options for receiving messages.  You can choose whether to get messages by phone, text, or email, or you can turn off all messaging and just get messages through an app on your phone or computer.  The app is called School Messenger Info Center and you can log into a computer at http://infocenter.schoolmessen... to create an account and set up your preferences.  All you have to have to access Info Center is your email on file in our student information system.  If we don’t have your email, simply send an email to your child’s attendance clerk and ask to have it updated.  Your Info Center account will be active the day after the email address is entered.  You will get to choose preferences for 4 different message types: 

Message Types

General Messages- General messages are informational in nature.  This could be a message about a parent/teacher night, event announcement or reminder, or reminder about an activity your child could participate in.  General messages can be sent by principals/designees at schools that are particular to a child you have in one school, or it could be a message sent district wide that pertains to children at both schools.

Attendance Messages- Attendance messages are sent to notify parents that, according to our records, your child is not in school.  If your child is home and won’t be coming to school you can call the school before 9:30 a.m. and let the attendance clerk know your child will not be in school that day.  A special code will be entered and an automated attendance call will not go out.  You will still need to send in an excuse note with your child if he or she has an excuse.

Non-School Hours Emergency Messages are emergency messages made outside the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. We use this call type for sending early morning messages of school closings or late evening messages of school closings or delays. 

Emergency Messages- Emergency messages are messages regarding early dismissals or any type of information that we determine is critical in nature to reach as many guardians as possible.  Emergency calls and messages are rarely used, but if an emergency arises we will use this calling type. 

On Wednesday, March 4th, one text will go out to all guardians asking if you want to opt in to texts.  If you reply Y or YES, you will be able to get texts.  If you don’t opt in, you should not receive any more texts.