Lee County High students working with Drone Technology

A couple of weeks ago, our club received our drone kit. We had spent a significant amount of  time trying to find the perfect drone to build, and we were very excited to see it in person. As we pulled it out of its box and saw it, we became eager to get our hands on it and put it together. In our following “Girls Who Code” meeting, we began putting our drone together. Pulling different parts out of the box, we tried to figure out where everything went. After sorting through everything, it was decided that we would attach the battery first. We went through the trial and error process many times before we could correctly attach it. Some interesting ideas were said to say the least. Next, all the members took turns attaching one of the propellers. This was the simplest of all the steps in the drone building process. During that meeting, we didn’t completely get the drone ready to fly, but we will in our upcoming meeting. Our club members are excited to work towards getting our drone in the air!