Lee County School's Required Forms and Permissions

All families must complete forms in this section - ONE form per HOUSEHOLD

Complete these forms by individual student (One per student) - Lee County Elementary and Lee County Middle High School

LCE Youth Service Center- For LCE students

AUP - Kindergarten and 6th grade students ONLY

LCMHS YSC Student Survey - For LCMHS Students

LCMHS YSC Parent Survey- For LCMHS Parents

New Student(s) Enrollment Forms -

(The forms in this last section are ONLY for those students who did not end the 2020-21 school year in Lee County.)

Household Information - 1 per household (New Student)

School Nurse Consent - New Student and Kindergarten

Medicaid - New Student and Kindergarten

AUP - New student and Kindergarten

Student Information - 1 per child (New Student)

Publication Consent - New student and Kindergarten

English Language Survey - 1 per household (New Student as needed)