Tammy Combs Anatomy Google Class codes: (her students should have the codes already)

1st period: hpwueaz

3rd period: j6t4bby

I will check daily and post a small assignment and ask for communication with the students.

I have uploaded the lessons for the next 4 units of Anatomy.

The plan for Health Science is that the students could possibly only have two assignments each day. If they have Mrs. Davis they will have one assignment and if they have Anatomy with me they will have one assignment.

We have sent this out to them so they are aware.

I will check google classroom daily.

Francis Davis: Google classroom codes (students should have these codes she added lessons inside of her standard classroom)

1st period: uvvu2ll

3rd period: u6smm1

4th period: 877ggt

5th period: 7l71bc1

6th period: u03drs

7th period: ufjrx50